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Castle Lodge:

Castle Lodge is a medieval Tudor and Elizabethan architectural transition period house in Ludlow, Shropshire, situated close to Ludlow Castle. Castle Lodge has some of the largest collection of oak paneling in England and dates from the early 13th century. In Tudor times it was the home of Queen Elizabeth Ist Master of Requests and was once used as a prison. The Lodge along with Ludlow Castle itself is famous for being the residence of Catherine of Aragon whilst she was married to Prince Arthur. After their marriage, the young couple were sent to Ludlow Castle so that Arthur could preside over the Council of Wales and the Marches as his position dictated. The couple stayed in the Lodge but less than five months into their marriage Catherine and Arthur became very ill, possibly with the “sweating sickness” (tuberculosis) and although Catherine made a full recovery, Arthur perished. On the 2 April 1502 Catherine found herself a widow in a strange country and she later went on to marry Henry VIII who was Arthur's younger brother. The lodge was rebuilt in 1580

Visitors to Castle Lodge have reported seeing the spectre of a teenage girl wearing Tudor costume. The apparition walks the attic corridors as well as visiting the nursery. Legend has it that this young girl is the ghost of Catherine of Aragon who has returned to the home she once inhabited with her young husband, the Prince of Wales. Presumably, being drawn back by the happy memories they once shared within the walls of the lodge. 

Scenes from the 1965 film version of Moll Flanders were shot here. Castle Lodge has been privately owned throughout its history and was a hotel up until the Second World War. The Lodge was finally re-opened to the public in 1999.