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Drakelow Tunnels:

The Drakelow Tunnels are a former underground military complex beneath the Kingsford Country Park north of Kidderminster, Worcestershire, covering 284,931sq ft .The tunnels, which have a total length of 3.5 miles, and are 130ft below the top of the hill, although public access on tours is limited to less than a quarter of the site. The tunnels have a very interesting past and are a historical monument to the military history of the United Kingdom. Designed by Sir Alexander Gibb & Partners, the Drakelow Tunnel Complex was excavated during World War II. It was originally constructed as a shadow factory for the Rover car company who were at the time manufacturing engines for the Bristol Aeroplane Company. It was also intended to supply components to Rover's main shadow factories at Acocks Green and Solihull, to supply spare parts, and to act as a backup facility if either of the main shadow factories was damaged by enemy action.

Construction, which began in June 1941, was expected to take just one year however the underground factory did not achieved full production in May 1943 and the final cost exceeded £1,000,000. The tunnels contained dormitories, storage areas, workshops, electrical equipment, toilets, offices, a BBC studio, a GPO Telephones communications facility and other facilities. Between 500 and 700 workers were based here during the 1940’s. During the 1950s and the growing Cold War, the site was initially used by the Ministry of Supply for storage. Then around 1958 part of the site was developed by the Home Office as a Regional Seat of Government (RSG9). In the 1960's & 70's there would have been a staff of around 350. In the Regional Group HQ of the 1980's this was reduced to 136.The site was greatly modernised in the early 1980s, only a small portion of the site was designated for use. New blast doors were fitted in place of the previous wooden factory doors and the interior of the site was refurbished in the areas forward of tunnel 4. In about 1990 there was a plan to move to a much smaller bunker, at Lawford Heath near Rugby but in the end this never happened, and the Drakelow site was decommissioned and sold in around 1993.

There have been so many reports of paranormal activity here, from screams heard, being grabbed and stones thrown. WW2 music heard in the kitchen area. During the construction and running of this facility, 7 people are thought to have died 6 men and 1 woman. These deaths are from  a roof collapse during excavation of tunnel 1 and fatal human error during its operation. It is believed most of the hauntings that occur here are from the very people that died here. From our own investigations at Drakelow we have amassed many hours of video and EVP footage that in our opinion is of a paranormal origin.