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Spirit Searchers Paranormal Investigation.

The activity involves movement around Gresley Old Hall building with team members from Spirit Searchers for the purposes of a paranormal investigation. This includes going up and down uneven stairs, uneven wooden floors, small steps and low doorways. The activity is undertaken at night and without lighting in order to meet the requirements of the paranormal investigators. This activity is for adults over the age of 18 only.

This is a privately organised activity limited to the visiting group only. No members of the general public are allowed access to the Hall during this period.

Person(s) at risk:

Spirit Searchers team members and members of the visiting group of its guests.

Description of existing Workplace Precautions:

The risk assessment is to be provided by SPIRIT SEARCHERS for guests to view, describing the potential hazards and actions required to minimize them. Eg. visitor's must always move around in groups of at least two persons, torches must be used at all times.

Verbal warnings given by SPIRIT SEARCHERS team leader at the start of each visit to the Hall.

No warning signs for uneven floors.

No warning signs for low doorways.

Verbal warning of evacuation procedures in the event of fire prior to session starting.

SPIRIT SEARCHERS staff are trained in evacuation and fire procedures. Muster points to be shown.

Fire alarms and their usage.

Fire extinguishers location around the Hall and SPIRIT SEARCHERS staff are trained to use them.

Marked fire exits.

Description of existing Risk Control Systems (RCSs):

Spirit Searchers staff are trained in fire procedures and trained in the use of fire extinguishers

Visual checks by Spirit Searchers staff that notices are in place and legible.

Visual checks to flooring, stairs and paving prior to allowing guests into the Hall.

Risk Rating without existing Workplace Precautions & RCSs:

Likelihood 4x3Severity = 12Medium Risk

Recommended Risk Control Systems:


Risk Rating with recommended Workplace Precautions and Risk Control Systems:

Likelihood 1x1Severity = 2Low Risk

Name of Risk Assessor: MATTHEW FROST