Steel House Lane Lock Up: 12th April 2019

We went on an investigation with Spirit Searchers to Steel House Lane Lock Up. I must admit we were very sceptical before we went. We had a great night, had loads of activity going on in the cells. We were too scared to join in with the ouija board, so we went for our own little walk around. Highly recommend Spirit Searchers to anybody. 


Gresley Hall: 11th May 2019

Fantastically run event. Plenty of knowledge and equipment. Our group had an amazing time and cant wait to do more events with Spirit Searchers. 

Loz Needs

I have been using Spirit Searchers for about a year now, over the year I have attend quite a lot of events with the team. 

The teams are a great bunch of people and I have become to trust them. Its not just about attending an investigation like it is with many other companies, with Spirit Searchers you learn a lot whilst attending an investigation. 

Spirit Searchers are now the only company I now use for investigations and I travel hours to take part in them. 

My Favourite investigation with the team has got to be Drakelow Tunnels, but I hope over the next few years we could challenge that. 

Highly recommend Spirit Searchers. 

Adam Burton (SK Paranormal Investigator)